My name is Andrew P. Cassidy.

I find myself more entertained by reading and learning about the natural world than by most other forms of entertainment.  So I began my personal quest to learn more, many years ago, by in-depth reading of science books: textbooks for courses, popular books, technical books and journals, in my non-work hours.

I owned a small custom manufacturing company where I developed patterns in response to customer requirements, created procedures for efficient manufacturing, and designed tools for manufacturing the products. My company lasted for over a decade.

At the height of the high-tech surge in the early eighties, I sold it and went to work developing training courses for a computer-controlled telephone switch manufacturer. Several years later I moved into supporting the company’s products in call centers, and then started their consulting practice. I left that company to become an independent consultant for call centers, with a customer service orientation for the next 15 plus years through to the present.

Because of my experience learning technology with which to develop technical courses and my ownership of a business, I have a unique blend of technology and operations consulting experience. I have used my expertise in a wide variety of call center projects including establishing a methodology for process mapping, building cost models for large-scale business case development, developing and applying criteria for strategic technology selection, and defining and implementing new metrics with the associated sophisticated, automated reporting.

In early 2008, I realized that the common thread running through much of the consulting work that I was doing and the reading that most captured my attention was measurement. Since then, I have been using measurement as a principal filter for evaluating and understanding what I read, participate in, consult on: a framework for my relationship with the world I experience.  In non-working hours, I have researched how it developed, why it developed and the many ways it is used.  This has required me to become current and conversant in various disciplines: evolutions of language, mathematics and writing; neurophysiology, archeology, anthropology, among others—all those topics you might expect would be required to develop a cross-disciplinary understanding of the rise of the civilization which measures itself so extensively—as well as exploring the different kinds of measurement used by those disciplines.

This blog is dedicated to discussing what I’ve learned and what I continue to discover. Once a week I will post my thoughts about different aspects of measurement. I hope you will follow me on my journey, and respond with your comments as well: the goals being to raise awareness of measurement, both measuring and being measured; how it has been extended in ever more intelligent ways; and also, what sorts of positive and negative effects measuring has on all of us.

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