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Surveying and Statecraft II or ” The empire exists because it can be mapped”

In the last post, I discussed surveying boundaries and used the Mason-Dixon line as the example.  In this post I will discuss another form of statecraft that has been attributed to geodetic surveying: domination.  I suspect that using geodetic surveying … Continue reading

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Surveying and Statecraft I

In several earlier posts, I discussed maps, map-making, surveying, and the tools and concepts necessary for the accurate measurement of land and geography to create accurate maps.  Along the way, I’ve mentioned cadastral (i.e. real estate) mapping, but mostly I’ve … Continue reading

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Measuring Learning

Over the past year or more, I have read  a number of disturbing stories of school districts firing teachers and closing whole schools, for under-performing, as well as stories of school districts that have found and fired teachers who have … Continue reading

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